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Practice Name  Kumudu S Munasinghe Architects In Association with PANARCH pvt Ltd 
Name of the Principal Architect (S)) Archt. Kumudu Munasinghe 
Architects Registration Board No.   CA 98125 
Category  Sole Proprietorship 
District  Colombo 
Date Updated  2018/11/06 
Contact Details 
Mobile - 0714712304 ,
Office- 0112791863
2010 SLIA Colour Awards
2011 SLIA Excellence in Design awards
2012 World Architecture Award
2018 SLIA Excellence in Design Presentation Award.
Field Specialized 
Apartments, Hotels and Resort Designing, Offices and Commercial Buildings, Personalised Houses, Factories and Ware houses, And Interior of all kind of Buildings
Company was established in 2000 with Association PANARCH pvt ltd .The Principals of the practice has completed many notable projects in Sri Lanka and Overseas such as World trade Centre Colombo, Monarch Apartment at Crescat Bolevard, Amaya Lake signature wing at Dambulla, Aliya Resort at Dambulla, EXPO logistic Campus at Colombo, Gustom Amava Industrial Park In Myanmar etc.
Architecture , Structural Engineering Design , MEP Design and QS Services.
Project One Pic I  
Project One Pic II   
Description  CUBE HOUSE At Ruskin island, Panadura.
The rectangular cube has emerge from the bank of the lake to capture the view across the ripple of the water towards the lush greenery beyond. It is a place relax and rejuvenate yourself, and enjoy the nature. The main structure is concrete and bricks raised from the bank of the lake to get the maximum benefit of the view. The wide glass panels and elevated floor allows you to capture wide perspective from the living room and bed rooms as well as it links the nature and the building together. The simple cube added the contrast to the surround by its own shape and its reaction to the lights falling to the building during the day. In the morning it is started to glitter with the rising sun light and hide in the noon with direct sun in barren bank of the lake, The evening is different falling sunlight and shadow make romantic atmosphere..

Project Two Pic I   
Project Two Pic II   
Description  F&S TEA LOUNGE, Duplication road Colombo. 

Project Three Pic I  
Project Three Pic II   
Description  ROMANCE VALLEY at Haputhale It is a simple geometric shape (cube), which highlights the site’s mountainous terrain. The house captures the view of the valley towards the South, and the mountain range towards the North and North West. The different levels at terraces makes the interesting habitable spaces compliment with different views. The infinity pool, merged with the sky screen, give the some what unusual experience to the occupations. The dialog between the building and its setting is critical, if it is to appear harmonious. The house is a concrete and steel / glass box elevated on a mountain terrain. The surrounding nature is clearly different to the material used, which gives the benefit to the occupant to feel the difference while being in the comfort. The house is open with huge glass panels to capture the every bit of the surrounding. Although it looks somewhat alienate to its immediate surroundings, the setting has made the difference to blend the building with the terrains. 

Project Four Pic I   
Project Four Pic II    
Description  OFFICE INTERIOR Expo Lanka Pvt Ltd, at Orugodawatta 

Project Five Pic I   
Project Five Pic II   
The house is renovated to get its 160 years old heritage and also accommodate new features such as swimming pool, bedrooms and dining facilities. The original house was in vary dilapidated condition and also relatively much smaller. We developed this project with new requirement of the client to accommodate more bedrooms as well as the old architectural styles.

Current Project I Pic I   
Current Project I Pic II    
Description Apartment Complex at Pitakotte, Sri Lanka 

Current Project II Pic I   
Current Project II Pic II   
Description  Ongoing House Project At Colombo 07 

Current Project III Pic I   
Current Project III Pic II   
Description  Ongoing Interior Project at Kolpity, Sri Lanka. 

Current Project IV Pic I   
Current Project IV Pic II   
Description  Ongoing Connerical Project at Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. 

Current Project V Pic I   
Current Project V Pic II   
Description  Ongoing Factory Project at Myanmar