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Practice Name   
Name of the Principal Architect (S)) Archt. Prasanna Jayalath 
Architects Registration Board No.   CA 04557 
Category  Limited Liability Company 
District  Colombo 
Date Updated  2018/02/20 
Contact Details 
Prasanna Jayalath Associates (pvt) Ltd
Charted Architect Interior & Urban Designers
291 Mriswatta
Sri Lanka

Tel : +94112614212
Mob : +94773034600

Email :
• SLIA Design Award 2005
Design Award of Excellence in the category of personalized houses for
Nishantha Rajapakse House

• SLIA Annual Session 2005
Merit Award for Display Panel
Nishantha Rajapakse House

• SLIA Design Award 2007
Award of Merit in the category of personalized houses for
Karunarathne Divulgane House

• SLIA Design Award 2008
Award of Merit in the category of personalized houses for
The Bed Sitter

• SLIA Design Award 2008
SLIA Young Architect of the Year Award 2008

• Geoffrey Bawa Award of Excellence in Architecture 2007/2008
One of the nine short Listed Projects – The Bed Sitter at Piliyandala

• SLIA Design Award 2009
Award of Merit in the category of personalized houses for
The Gunasekara House at Pannipitiya

• SLIA Design Award 2011
Award of Merit in the category of personalized housing for
The Pathiraja house, Polgahawela

• 20th Architect of the Year Awards 2011- Goa, India
Commendation Award under Focus Countries’ Architecture Award
for the project Bed Sitter, Sri Lanka

• SLIA Annual Session 2012 Merit Award for over All Best Display Panel
Office Building for Alaris Lanka (pvt) Ltd , Kesbewa
Field Specialized 
Chartered Architects, Interior and Urban Designers
Tranquility, majesty and boundless freedom, an attempt of mingling corporeal substances in to authentic human life….a place called space…a place for soul.

We are in the intension of creating a comfortable contemplative built environment providing ultimate satisfaction for the inhabitants; where the built and natural is carefully and sensitively integrated aligning with all charms of human life.
Architect Prasanna Jayalath is an associate member of the Sri Lanaka Institute of Architects. After completing his B.Sc in Built Environment at the university of Moratuwa he worked under Archt. Ranjith Alahakoon, where he received his first hand-on experience in Architecture.

After the completion of his Msc in Architecture in the year 1998 he joined Vinod Jayasinghe assosiates as an assistant architect.

Under the influence of two of Sri Lanka’s best architects he established his independent practice in the year 2000, although it is a relatively young practice, he has been rewarded by several design awards over the years.

He… enjoys designing in urban settings, as in many of his award winning designs, he concentrates on harvesting the maximum use of land which is at hand, thus houses the functions to one simple volume and takes great care in integrating the natural and built environments, taking the maximum use of natural light and ventilation.

Architect Nayana Jayasekera is an associate member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. She completed her B.Sc in Built Environment at the University of Moratuwa in the year 1998, obtaining a second class (upper division).

Working under Archt. C. Anjalandran a leading architect in Sri Lanka, in her academic years she mastered her designing skills in personalized housing.

In the year 2001 after the completion of her Msc in Architecture she joined architect Prasanna Liyanage as an assistant architect.

After which she joined Gunarathna associates as an assistant architect in the year 2003. Throughout her architectural career she has gained experience in a wide range of projects ranging from personalized houses to large scale projects such as commercial buildings, apartments and hospitals.

Prasanna Jayalath Associates (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2008 under the consultancy of Architect Prasanna Jayalath & Architect Nayana Jayasekara, as a consortium service which is equipped to handle the complete package in architectural design, interiors and coordination of multidisciplinary specialist services of Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Quantity Surveying, Water Supply and Fire Fighting.

At present in addition to the services provided by the company, both of them devote their time to teach for student both at the University of Moratuwa and Colombo School of Architecture as visiting lecturers allotting for the betterment of future profession.
Project One Pic I  
Project One Pic II   
Description  The Stream

Tranquility blends with lush green covered "The Stream" Boutique Villa in Pahiyangala, located on the border of the Sinharaja forest, with the getly flowing river overlooks the front facade.

The Villa itself mesmerizes the terrain without perplexing the nature while engaging with the cozy climate.

Project Two Pic I   
Project Two Pic II   
Description  Nishantha Rajapakse House

This award winning design is built in the heart of a highly residential Suburban area in Piliyandala, on a block of 22 perch land. Overcoming the restriction of low budget of the client, the materials, engineering techniques, detailing and finishes were all handled to prove the maximum cost efficiency, without compromising the quality of architecture in every way, while attesting a miraculous experience.

The built form was spanned to allow a vast open space at rear, capturing most vistas through the building envelope as client has a great affinity to the outdoor life.

Awards :
•SLIA Design Award
"Design Award of Excellence"

Project Three Pic I  
Project Three Pic II   
Description  The Bedsitter Piliyandala This award winning design is built on a land adjacent to a bustling street in Piliyandala, where the architect was to build his own residence. This design was carried out in response to a sudden requirement of dwelling and is proposed to be converted in to an office space later on. Therefore, the inner space was designed to maximize flexibility, where is it reflected in the furniture designs as well, and the floor plans responds to all the external natural forces that contributes to the active ambiance of the place throughout the day. Awards: •SLIA Design Award "Award of Merit" 2008 •SLIA Design Award "Young Architect of the Year Award" 2008 •One of the shortlisted projects for Geoffrey Bwa Award for Excellence in Architecture 

Project Four Pic I   
Project Four Pic II    
Description  Pathiraja House Polgahawela This award winning house lies on a 2 acre land in suburban setting in Polgahawela. The key feature of the design, a central courtyard and the functions accommodated surrounding it, were inspired by the Sri Lankan traditional middle courtyard house. The shallow reflective pond situated in the central void refreshes the surrounding spaces, creating the thermal comfort which provides a comfortable setting for its occupants throughout the day. Awards: •SLIA Design Award "Award of Merit" 2007 •SLIA Design Award "Young Architect of the Year Award" 2008 

Project Five Pic I   
Project Five Pic II   
Description  Karunaratne Divulgane House

This award winning design is located by the side of the Piliyandala-Gorakapitiya road, on a 28 perch plot in a suburban setting. Built as the home for Sri Lanka's well known singer, Karunaratne Divulgane, this fruit of excellence create a space called home with more amicable sentiments towards the user to be correlated with his profession.

The born nature of the place is a collaboration of architectural techniques of light and shadow, colors and the palette of materials which have been meticulously selected and juxtaposed with contrasting details to create the visual allure.

•SLIA Design Award
"Award of Merit"
•SLIA Design Award
"Young Architect of the Year Award"

Current Project I Pic I   
Current Project I Pic II    
Description Alaris Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

This award winning design is built on a land attributing the Colombo-Horana main road by the Kesbewa Junction in a narrow plot of land of 13.8 perches in extent, accommodating the client's primary requisition of storage, ample office space and personalized penthouse wing, the building was designed as a vertical stagnation of spaces in order to compensate for the space restrictions on the site.

The architectural conceptualization was to design the building as a juxtaposition of contrasting effects, where internal openness and spaciousness was dictum. As such, the building took form as a vertical 5 storey block where its first introduction is a clearly defined solid tower and a recessed glass facade that personifies the building's fine harmony between solids and voids.

•SLIA Annual Session
"Merit Ward for overall Best Display Panel"

Current Project II Pic I   
Current Project II Pic II   
Description  Soap and Allied (Pvt) Ltd

In the busy urban setting of Colombo, on a narrow strip of land of 22.25 perches, this four story office building was designed as a leaner structure with a rough plastering of cement at its envelope which is utterly exclusive from the addicted tradition of exterior cladding in Sri Lankan commercial buildings.

The interior consists of an atrium running through the length of the building while bringing forth the stairway of vertical circulation as a feature of the building. Upon entry, one is greeted in to this massive volume lit up by a decorative rib slab with the fire staircase standing as an element in the far end of the foyer.

•SLIA Design Award
"Young Architect of the Year Award"

Current Project III Pic I   
Current Project III Pic II   
Description  Mount Havana : A Boutique Villa

It is an aged tea estate bungalow located at the pinnacle of a steep terrain populated as Mount Havana, which was converted in to a high sophisticated Green Boutique Villa, mingling with mesmerizing ambiance of verdant green mountains at Gampola district. The total land includes 25 acres running through giant gaps of contours from top to bottom, spanning the building in to several terraces enclosing 6 210 Sq Ft.

In response to the level difference of its own nature and allowing the rest of the land to be covered with vegetation and cultivation yards which was pursued in the concept of green, healthy living, stepping through a sustainable development.

Current Project IV Pic I   
Current Project IV Pic II   
Description  Mandara Resort

Current Project V Pic I   
Current Project V Pic II