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Practice Name   
Name of the Principal Architect (S)) Archt. Sunil Gunawardena 
Architects Registration Board No.   CA 98112 
Category  Parnership 
District  Colombo 
Date Updated  2019/06/13 
Contact Details 
Mobile - 0712 750 321
Tel - 0112 681078
E mail -
SLIA Design Awards
SLIA Design Award 2015
SLIA Design Award 2007
SLIA Design Award 2004
SLIA Design Award 2003
Young Architect Of the Year 2003
SLIA Design Award 2002
SLIA Design Award 2001
SLIA Design Award 2000

SLIA Panel Awards
Excellency innovative Panel Award 2015
SLIA Architect Work Panel Award 2013
SLIA Architect Work Panel Award 2011
SLIA Architect Work Panel Award 2002
SLIA Architect Work Panel Award 2001
SLIA Architect Work Panel Award 2000
SLIA Roof Award 2000

International Award
ARCASIA Design Award 2008
Field Specialized 
Architectural Service| Consortium Services | Interior
SGA’s main objective is to grant best innovation Architectural solutions to the user problems, in relation to context as well as internal spaces to include user behavior, to achieve their ultimate objective.
Sunil Gunawardena Associates (SGA) was established with energetic creative Architects and designers in 1996. The Company was registered as a partnership under the registration No. W/A 14,883. Architect Sunil Gunawardena is a principal partner and Architect Thilani Karunasekara is an associate partner. The Firm is over 20 years experienced. During this period, we were designed variety of building types in different locations and geared to grant the best architectural and technical expertise to our client, best value for their money.
A multi-disciplinary firm specially provides an Architectural and interior designs with consultants including Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Quantity Surveyors. The Scope of consultancy services would entail the fallowing; Pre contract consultancy in the form of schematic design proposals and detail drawings of the completed designs, Model and builders specification for the said works. Post contract consultancy in the form of periodic supervision of builders works for quality and adherence to specifications laid down and cost management of the building project.
Project One Pic I  
Project One Pic II   
Description  Minneriya National Park 

Project Two Pic I   
Project Two Pic II   
Description  10th Post Pause at Karandagolla 

Project Three Pic I  
Project Three Pic II   
Description  PARKLAND Office Complex - Colombo 02 

Project Four Pic I   
Project Four Pic II    
Description  Ella Jungle Inn 

Project Five Pic I   
Project Five Pic II   
Description  Pesonalized house - Colombo 

Current Project I Pic I   
Current Project I Pic II    

Current Project II Pic I   
Current Project II Pic II   
Description  Renovation to Existing RIL Office building - colombo 02 

Current Project III Pic I   
Current Project III Pic II   

Current Project IV Pic I   
Current Project IV Pic II   

Current Project V Pic I   
Current Project V Pic II   
Description  St. Peter's College Pavilion