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Practice Name   
Name of the Principal Architect (S)) Archt. M I M Ismail 
Architects Registration Board No.   CA 99311 
Category  Sole Proprietorship 
District  Gampaha 
Date Updated  2018/06/28 
Contact Details 
Architectural Consultancy – W0999
Archt. M.I.M Ismail
Chartered Architect
147, Negombo Road, Peliyagoda.
Tel: 2932718, 0777-722652 Fax: 2948308
Fb:- Aarco (Pvt) Ltd.
Taken from Government & Non-governmental institution for completed Projects
Field Specialized 
Residential, Educational, Healthcare, Commercial, Cultural, Industrial, Interior designing, Project Management & Landscape designing
A place for human living is to be design to promote his socio – economic condition. It is an investment for his economic growth as well as for his social status. A city becomes environmentally comfortable for people who can enjoy rich urban facilities when imaginative Landscaping can restore dignity & pleasure to the surroundings. The range of Services of Architectural Consultancy is based on this philosophy
Architectural practice established in 1979 & Architectural Consultancy has given comfort for more than 1000 clients for their varying life style. This practice also carries a wide range experience in Religious, Institutional & Commercial Buildings.

Architectural Consultancy offering services in the field of Architectural, Engineering, Landscaping, Interior Designing & Project Management. This firm is supported by Architectural Specialized Consultants, Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Town Planners, Project Managers & Landscape Architects.

The Architectural Consultancy is the permanent consultant to M/S Aarco (Pvt) Limited. Archt. M.I.M. Ismail, who is the sole proprietor of Architectural Consultancy , was a Cabinet approved member of Advisory Board of Consultants to the Ministry of Port Development Rehabilitation & Reconstruction since 1994 -2000.
Provide pleasing environment to the people
Project One Pic I  
Project One Pic II   
Description  Jumma Masjid Kalmunaikudy
Approx. 50,000 Sq.ft

Project Two Pic I   
Project Two Pic II   
Description  Travellers Shopping Center at Akkaraipattu
Approx. 12,000 Sq.ft

Project Three Pic I  
Project Three Pic II   
Description  House at Kohuwala 

Project Four Pic I   
Project Four Pic II    
Description  Library & Municipal Council Buildings complex , Akkaraipattu (MC – 14,000 Sq.ft/Library – 9,000 Sq.ft) 

Project Five Pic I   
Project Five Pic II   
Description  Three Unit house at Hendala
Approx. 8,500 Sq.ft

Current Project I Pic I   
Current Project I Pic II    
Description Wisdom book shop, Wattala
Approx. 14,000 Sq.ft

Current Project II Pic I   
Current Project II Pic II   
Description  25 Units Apartment at Puttalam
Approx. 32,000 Sq.ft

Current Project III Pic I   
Current Project III Pic II   
Description  Reception hall at Puttalam
Approx. 69,200 Sq.ft

Current Project IV Pic I   
Current Project IV Pic II   
Description  Alpha Shopping Mall at Puttalam
Approx. 77,500 Sq.ft

Current Project V Pic I   
Current Project V Pic II   
Description  Shopping Complex, Andigama
Approx. 30,000 Sq.ft

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