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Practice Name   
Name of the Principal Architect (S)) Archt. Ranga Dayasena  
Architects Registration Board No.   CA 04551  
Category  Sole Proprietorship 
District  Colombo 
Date Updated  2018/02/20 
Contact Details 
0117331318 | 0777331318 
Young Architect of the Year – 2014; presented by the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects.

Design Award - 2014 for Community Architecture : an Award of Excellence for "Sound of Silence" the War Heroes Commemoration Memorial in Kurunegala - Sri Lanka; presented by The Sri Lanka Institute of Architects.

Finalist - Inaugural Architecture Asia Awards for Emerging Architects – 2014; organised by the Architecture Asia & Architects Regional Council of Asia (ARCASIA).

Winner - Architecture Asia Awards for Emerging Architects – 2016; organised by the Architecture Asia & Architects Regional Council of Asia (ARCASIA).

Finalist- Geoffrey Bawa Award for Excellence in Architecture -2017; organized by the Geoffrey Bawa Trust.
Field Specialized 
Consortium Services | Interior 
Highly Integrated approach to the design process from conception through to completion of sustainable, high quality, humane buildings and environs through the collaborative synthesis of innovative, modern, minimalist, robust architectural and engineering solutions, constructed within a strict commercial costs and time lines. 
Registered as a company in 2009. axis is an establishment which houses all the allied professionals required to provide creative & comprehensive architectural solutions for a wider cross section of the society 
axis provides comprehensive Architectural, Interior and Landscape design services from inception to completion and consortium services i.e Structural, Quantity Surveying, Mechanical & Electrical, Project Management from a pool of well qualified allied professionals who are experts in their own fields. As a specialised service, our strengths are stretched towards graphic creations and formation of logos. Further axis has always opened up its spectrum to serve a wider cross section of the society (from most established to most needy people) with special attention to practical designs with quality, cost, time and importantly with a humane touch... 
Project One Pic I  
Project One Pic II   
Description  “The Urban Haven” | Pre School | Maligawatta

The primary challenge was to “change” the ongoing unstructured, ad-hoc, chaotic practices by establishing the most formative space, which will structure the future development of school and community. It is to introduce a “disciplined base” to learn, grow and appreciate.
Spaces were created to rejuvenate children’s behaviour patterns and improve the “ability to relate” to spaces and people within a domain by learning themselves and experiencing, thus the power of architecture unleashed.
The old and new structures were linked with ‘plugged in’ feature elements such as bridges, cantilevered cubes, terraces etc. interweaving them physically and functionally thus – synchronised; enhancing the delight of exploration and discovery of users. Primary geometrical approach had been adopted in forming such connections thus a unique creation is produced. Perforations were used in different diameters as a feature, a source to gain light & ventilation, enhancing the character of the school and its presence in the neighbourhood. Existing greenery was preserved and vegetable troughs were introduced in the upper most terrace to soften the rigid edges of the structure while painting a lasting impression of maintaining and nurturing the environment in the minds of children. Clock tower is a focal point and a connection between this architectural creation & neighbouring society in an intangible manner.

Project Two Pic I   
Project Two Pic II   
Description  “The Sound of Silence” | War Heroes Commemoration Memorial | Boyagane, Kurunegala

The monument stands within the regimental grounds in Boyagane, Kurunegala. The site is approximately a flat terrain overlooking the parade ground on one elevation and opposite side sloping down towards the side road in the direction of the picturesque paddy fields and mountain ranges beyond.
We, Buddhists during funerals and alms giving ceremonies; pour water from a vessel to an empty bowl allowing it to overflow, to symbolize the awarding of merit to the deceased.
‘’It is as water raining on the hill, flows down the valley and as rivers full of water fill the ocean full; the process benefit the dead.’’
The water overflowing canister and pond represent this custom and overflowing water energizes the subsequent levels of spirituality thus, curing the hurt and wounded hearts and souls.
Monument contains of a series of ascending circular terraces with built-in seats and flowering trees, radiating from a central vertical canister. The canister is enveloped by "circular wall elements" with perforations. Inner layer of this perforated feature wall with smaller depressions allows offering of flowers while the outer, acts as a base for illumination of clay lamps and incense sticks. The names of those who forfeited their lives are engraved on “military dog tag” shaped brass plates, mounted on this “spiritual wall”. The water overflowing canister and pond marks the climax of the monument.

This monument with a touch of modernity, with the essence of humanity, makes the visitors feel deep down and to look back at what we have achieved and what we had lost in achieving them… It is not just a monument which is cleaned and polished once a year but a living icon of courage, recognition and honour. It is a destination of remembrance, a place and space to ponder, a window to offer gratitude and Salute…. a place with sound, of silence...”

Project Three Pic I  
Project Three Pic II   
Description  “The Salute” | Boyagane, Kurunegala Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment (VIR) of SL army, as a future self-sustainable scheme, initiated recreational developments within the regimental headquarters at Boyagane, Kurunagala. “The Salute” was implemented under this scheme. It is a multifunctional recreational facility with access to both military and general public. Its Ground Floor consists of the multifunctional hall with ancillary facility block overlooking the existing water body while the Upper Floor accommodates the dwelling facility of furnished rooms & suites. Majority of design decisions were taken in order to optimize the utilization of natural site resources such as lush green coconut cultivation, water body, vast umbrella of green cover extending towards the mountain range etc. Design and the placement of the spaces enforce natural light and cross ventilation with minimum interference to the existing site assets and more importantly it had captured the views of the environment persistently from most of the spaces. 

Project Four Pic I   
Project Four Pic II    
Description  Priyantha Silva Residence | Ratmalana The project was twofold where; phase 1 was to carry out a renovation to the front portion of the existing residence & phase 2 was to construct a new wing as Minor Staff Quarters. The ad-hoc spatial arrangement of the existing living & dining areas, guest room and parking arrangements was re arranged where new links were introduced in ground & upper levels carefully, by preserving the existing flora. The much needed front façade upgrade was carried out incorporating the play of geometrical forms and earthy colours with a blend of greenery. Interiors were dressed with suitable furniture and fittings which was modern and minimalistic approach. The Minor Staff Quarters consist of two levels. Ground level was dedicated for vehicle parking with a separate side entrance. It was a rectilinear development which gained maximum light & ventilation with the use of translucent roofing sheets and openings. 

Project Five Pic I   
Project Five Pic II   
Description  “The Layer” - Branch Office | Asian Alliance Insurance (PLC)| Ward Place, Colombo 07

This project is an initiative to re-use a dwelling to a diverse purpose. An existing two storied residential building was converted to a commercial building as the Asian Alliance Insurance (PLC) - (now Softlogic Life) Ward Place branch.

A major design scope was to provide the ordinary existing residential building facade a contemporary makeover that grasps and holds the attention of passersby thus inviting them in. Converting the spaces originally designed for residential purposes to office spaces that differ greatly in purpose and ambiance was also a challenge to overcome.

The initial inspiration in proceeding forward was drawn from the theory of “building layers” from the book “How buildings learn” by Stewart Brand. It’s a theory that discusses the change of a building through time. This theory identifies seven layers that should be considered when extending the lifetime of our built environment. The layers-Social, Stuff, Space plan, Services, Skin, Structure, Site & surrounding, complement and ease the function of each other.

When upgrading the interior spaces, modifying the interior “space plan” layer was the most challenging. Some of the interior spaces were extended by connecting several spaces together to accommodate the dense brief consisting of a large number of staff members. The office spaces were linked with each other with voids and openings, creating many alternative routes that aids the traffic and energy flow of the building thus diluting the congestion of the spaces created by the extensive requirement. Interior “Skin”, “stuff” and “services” layers were also modified accordingly.

The exterior “skin” layer” was designed to accommodate “social” and “surrounding” layers as the presence of the said layers was almost negligible in the previously residential building. As a measure to introduce the said layers, a leaning black mesh facade was created to make a passage between the building and the main road that acts as a walkway directing the pedestrians to the main entrance and a driveway for the drive thru insurance counter - a facility that was introduced first time in Sri Lanka.

This careful consideration of all individual layers and reinforcing them accordingly made it easier to extend the lifespan of the building with a commercial presence.

Current Project I Pic I   
Current Project I Pic II    
Description Head Office | Asian Alliance Insurance |R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03

The task was to renovate an existing 6 storied structure, sited at a prime location in Colombo aiming at creating an identity and a focal point towards the building. The existing terrace was roofed to accommodate an additional office space and a lunch room to cater to the mandatory requirements.
The existing dilapidated façade was transformed into a disciplined appearance to portray the corporate image in a unique manner with thoughtful usage of aluminium decorative mesh, composite paneling and glass. It also benefited in curbing heat of the setting western sun as a secondary measure.
Interior was converted into more vibrant visitor attracting spaces with the selective usage of furniture and fittings out of melamine, aluminium decorative panels, glass, stainless steel, etc. without compromising on opportunities to gain natural light.

Current Project II Pic I   
Current Project II Pic II   
Description  “The Craft Lab” - Model Workshop for Sri Lanka Air Force | Ratmalana

The project was new addition to the to the existing museum facility. The task was to build an aircraft model making unit (Craft Lab), refurbishing an abandoned accommodation facility.
The interior work stations were arranged to accommodate the progressive steps of model making. A corridor with viewing panels along the work stations was introduced for visitors as a live experience to the museum activities.
The façade was cladded with ordinary galvanized iron corrugated sheets to form an aerodynamic formation. Earthy colours had been used within the interior & exterior for easy maintenance. To create a focal point, an abandoned helicopter was placed on the roof slab drawing the attention of the visitors to the museum from a distance. The surroundings were landscaped using soft & hard landscaping elements to complement the aesthetics of Craft Lab thus creating visual and physical connections with the other museums activities.

Current Project III Pic I   
Current Project III Pic II   
Description  Interior for Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation Branch Office | Negombo 

Current Project IV Pic I   
Current Project IV Pic II   
Description  Architect's Residence | Ratmalana 

Current Project V Pic I   
Current Project V Pic II