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Name of the Principal Architect (S)) Archt. Dr. A U Gamage 
Architects Registration Board No.    
Category  Sole Proprietorship 
District  Colombo 
Date Updated  2018/02/20 
Contact Details 
30/2 A, De Silva Road, Kalubowila, Sri Lanka
+ 94 112 764 904 M: + 94 714 240 042
+ 61 294 824 475 M: + 61 430 472 844
ANZAScA Awards 2011– Best Paper Nominations presented at the 45th Annual ANZAScA conference held at The University of Sydney.
World Architecture News (WAN) Award: WAN AWARDS House of the Year 2010 – Project long-listed- Eco House, Colombo ,Sri Lanka– under the Residential Category, (The Eco House- designed according to Biomimicry theoretical framework)

Architectural Research and Publications Award : Awarded to Appreciate contribution to `Architectural Research and Publication’, 2006- Awarded by Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
Field Specialized 
Consortium Services
We take consideration of clients’ interests; the purpose of the building; the social and cultural values of the community; the environment conditions of the site; and ecological sustainability. Our design vision is to focus on Ecologically Sustainable Design by taking principles of Biomimicry; emulating or taking inspiration from nature as a design approach. The firm’s motto entails, ‘doing the most with least means’-dematerialization. This involves conceptualizing interior and exterior spaces and fulfilling the requirements of the client, based on ecological concepts. We allow space optimization as the main strategy to effectively help integrate the physical attributes; form, envelope, material and technology by following concepts and principles of ecological sustainability. This philosophy as a design approach plays an important role to work out a comprehensive building within the limited parameters of quality, cost and time. This entails to achieve an environmentally viable, socially acceptable and economically feasible design without relying on the latest trends and styles. This reflects a unique identity of its own with a touch of cultural and ecological significance.

We designed and constructed many voluntary projects especially designing an array of religious building such as Buddhist temples, mosques, churches and community housing complexes especially for tsunami affected families in Sri Lanka.
Design Studio was established in 2000 in order to provide a total design package for the client that offers a complete range of professional services: Architectural, Quantity Surveying, Engineering, Technological Services, Landscaping, Interior and Furniture Design. Over the past decade the company has been responsible for a wide range of striking works: personalized houses; apartment complexes; hotels and offices; architectural retrofitting; interior refurbishments, mainly focusing on community architecture.
Project One Pic I  
Project One Pic II   
Description  GREEN SCREEN house
ja-ela, sri lanka, 2016

A contemporary house for a young couple has 3 bedrooms with out-door
recreational activities; pool, bar and entertainment room with terrace. An open spacious house, connects two levels with void and court yard. Features such as green walls, full height doors add the quality of living out doors with nature.
Use of natural ventilation and light enhances the quality of spaces as well as add aesthetic value. Long eaves, timber and steel props, glazed louver panels add
lightness to the upper half of the house.

Project Two Pic I   
Project Two Pic II   
Description  show room & Office Retrofitting and interior for Millenium motors
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2016
A prime two story existing ware house in an urban corner in Colombo, Sri Lanka was converted retrofitting the envelope, with breathing aluminium louvers on top and the show room area with a fully glazed curtain wall system enabling the visibility of the cars displayed. The concept ‘elegance with sophistication’ was evolved to give an industrial look, using materials such as checker plates, louvers and glazing, with a black, white, grey and silver colour concept in order to highlight the car display with a touch of sophistication.

Project Three Pic I  
Project Three Pic II   
Description  The Rock Bungalow MALwANA, sri lanka 2016 The rock bungalow at Malwana, Srilanka, lies adjacent to a natural rocky habitat, as a connecting between two rock areas. The natural ecosystem and it’s biodiversity of the surroundings were mimicked and sustained by continuing a sod roof and landscaping the surrounding area with native plants to give a wild and a jungle effect. 

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Current Project I Pic I   
Current Project I Pic II    

“ Sustainable approach to Community interaction & progression with nature.……”
The concept is derived from the theme ‘Formality to infoRMalIty…
-Touching the ground lightly
gathering – meeting-interaction
With contemporary South Asian characteristics-
The development to be a Sustainable approach to design, utilising of spaces, use material & technology ,responding to the natural environment –climate, topography, views to the optimum usage and using rain water harvesting, solar panels and recycling of waste to reduce consumption of energy.

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