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Practice Name  AR MA NI Associates 
Name of the Principal Architect (S)) Archt Arosh Malsath Nissanka 
Architects Registration Board No.   A1337 
Category  Individual Practice 
District  Colombo 
Date Updated  2018/12/07 
Contact Details 
071 968 6655
43B, Lauries Road, Colombo 04. ( Business purpose)
Field Specialized 
Apartment, High-rise buildings, Residential Architecture, Boutique Houses & Villas, Resort Architecture & Interior, Food court Interior....
Dynamic, passionate & driven to catalyse change to address urban
architecture to create healthy spaces and geared towards socioeconomic

Archt. A Malsath Nissanka is a philosopher in the 'Built
Environment' with a importance in analyzing and
devising tools catalysing urban architecture which
could bring healthy environmental space and produce
socioeconomic regeneration. He has an equal interest
in exploring different appoaches that are inter and
trans disciplinary to render safe, resilient and more sustainable cities.

A Chartered Architect, Interior Designer, Construction
Manager, architectural & landscape designer Host,
Storyteller, Motivational Public Speaker, a Passionate
Leader, Vastu Expert and a feverish Designer with
awards for academic and industry excellence, unmatchable
communication skills and a long track
record of successfully managing architectural
projects.Involved as an Chartered Architect, Adviser,
Quality controller and a team member for over Rs.35
billion worth apartments and housing projects in Sri
Lanka with fast-tracked projects with bonuses for early
completion with a heterogeneous portfolio with experience
and expertise at professorial, directorate, and
project levels.Supervised over 40 Apartment and
Residential projects with achieving winning awards for
best place to work and building excellence. He is a property development expert and game changer.

He is the founder of Vision Star Institute, he has
addressed the social economical problems faced by
middle class families who can't afford money to spend
their children overseas for high-studies, Vision Star
Institute address these issues by delivering programs
for reasonable cost. This has brought many
opportunities to people to study more and become
professional qualified people who can start their
career and wish high. Scripted, critics and directed
educational videos. Addressed the evolving
technological and generational shifts to cultivate an
organic learning space bringing industry experiences
to the classroom. Used multimedia and powerful
documentaries to highlight opportunities for
innovation and to inspire and improve student learning.

Adviser and Project Architect on creating healthy living
spaces for Senior Citizen in Sri Lanka who live in
Elderly Homes. He is today an Chartered Architect,
Urban Strategist, Interior Designer in Sri Lanka on a
mission of addressing and creating healthy urban architecture.
2017 - to date: Chairman of AR MA NI Association and VisionStar (Pvt) Ltd
2016-2017 : Involved in Rs 36 Billion Worth Apartment and Housing Projects as a Company Architect and Client Adviser.
2013-2015: Complete projects over Rs. 500 Million worth Boutique Houses, Villas, Food Courts, House buildings.
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