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    " Architecture has always held Conversations with the sky, the horizon, and all it represents, in all its physical, spiritual, visual and environmental attributes.

    In times of change and challenge, architects working under different skies still find wisdom and resolution in this eternal dialogue" 


    'Conversations with the sky' is a metaphor for the relationships between architecture and the universe: ranging from the way we relate to the horizon and conditions of light, to philosophical and cultural beliefs, all the way to issues of solar gain and CO2



    The Conference Theme intends to create a broad vision which best allows our speakers the opportunity to present their work in the context of their beliefs: from the poetic to the scientific, from sensory to cerebral, and from conceptual to practical.

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    The Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA) held its Annual Sessions from 17th to 22nd February, 2015 at the BMICH. The main events included the International Conference, Members' Work & Trade Exhibition, the Annual General Meeting, the Awards Ceremony and the Fellowship Nite. The theme of this year's Annual Sessions was " Conversations with the Sky" in a nod to the ever-present and ever-important relationship between Architect and the Skyline.

    His Excellency, President Maithripala Sirisenais is seen arriving at the exhibition grounds.


    The exhibition featured over 300 exhibitors who offered the most up-to-date products and services of the construction industry.


    170 Members’ Panels were also on display featuring a wide spectrum of work carried out by SLIA’s Architectural Practices and individual Architects. In addition, Students of Architecture from the University of Moratuwa and the City School of Architecture showed forth their creativity in the form of models on display in the two stalls manned by them at the Exhibition.


    An Information Center manned by SLIA Architects was available throughout the Exhibition to provide information to those interested in pursuing Architecture as a Profession, current house owners faced with numerous construction related problems and “would be” builders with an assortment of information they sought. Visitors were seen exploring the wide range of products on display to ascertain those most suited to them, in terms of cost, quality, and the latest in technology.

    Members’ Work and Trade Exhibition of ‘Architect 2015’ declared open

    The exhibition was inaugurated under the patronage of Hon. Rajitha Senaratna, Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine.



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